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All Good Scents Tender (2ml)

All Good Scents Tender (2ml)

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Product Description:
A blissful infusion of sweet honey and orange blossoms, this amazing bottle of fragrance is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner. One of the best women's perfume, this is a beautiful combination of sandy tropic notes and fresh grasslands, this bottle of fragrance can transport you to your inner blissful place in mere seconds.

About The Brand:
All Good Scents aims to provide India with the luxury of sustainable yet affordable perfumes and fragrances for daily wear, that are as Indian as they can get. Rajiv Sheth, the Master Perfumer behind All Good Scents finds inspiration in all aspects of modern French perfumery and multicultural experiences. As urban Indians develop more discerning tastes, they're also becoming more receptive to the idea of local luxury. As a result, the market for fragrances has boomed.

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