Consumers often want to try aspirational products or have an appetite for impulse buying so as to experiment with new products. Product sampling can be a powerful tool in getting a consumer to try your product for the first time. Further, the pandemic has generated economic hardship and hygiene concerns thus radically altering how consumers shop.

We at ‘TryKiya’ provide a digital sampling experience where brands can access a wider audience by helping customers to try their products in the comfort of their home and gather insights simultaneously. 

Brand awareness

Build trust in a brand and reputation

Foster customer loyalty

Increase in conversions to sales

Our capabilities include:

  • E-commerce Distribution on TryKiya
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Targeted Sampling 
  • Box collaterals 
  • Insights 
  • Patron and Influencer marketing

TryKiya focuses on leveraging Digital Product Sampling experience as a brand differentiator. 

We all have our favourite childhood brands we build memories with but why not embark on this journey to try what’s new in the neighbourhood!